Poetry on Fire, Part II


The Psalms, a poetic masterpiece that guides me in my quest to know God more.


Psalm 16, A Michtam of David.  Herein lies a beautiful hidden secret in the title of this psalm.  For the Hebrew word Michtam, rendered “a sculptured writing of gold” in the Septuagint, speaks of God’s divine nature permanently engraved upon David’s heart.  I am a living letter, sculpted in gold by my Creator God.


Psalm 11, Song of the Steadfast.  “Lord, don’t you hear what my well-meaning friends keep saying to me:  “Run away while you can!” (v.1, TPT).  Sometimes I can be my own best “well-meaning friend”.  Today I remind myself to stand firm and not run from the enemies of my soul.  Lord, I will face each one with courage & grace for I have placed my trust in you.


Psalm 3, Covered by the Glory.  A song written by David as he runs for his life from his own son, Absalom.  David sings out to God his Shield, translated in ancient Hebrew as Taker.  God, my Taker, shields me by taking me into Himself.  In challenging times, sometimes I just need to step back into God.


Psalm 5, a song written by King David for the Chief Musician upon the Nehiloth.  As a flutist myself, I love that this song was written to be played upon the Nehiloth, or flute.  This same Hebrew word can also be translated inheritancesThe gift of music is a beautiful inheritance given by the Chief Musician Himself–a gift for which I am very grateful.

Today and always, may our wrap-around God surround you in favor and cover you under His canopy of kindness & joy.

Love & Peace.

Poetry on fire


The Psalms—a mirror into my soul.  A divine pathway into the presence of God.  Songs ablaze; poetry aflame.  Causing my spirit man to burn.


Psalm 23, The Good Shepherd.  “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”  Do you know that the Hebrew word for shepherd can also be translated best friend?  The Lord is always looking for those he can call friends.


Psalm 11, Song of the Steadfast.  “And with a glance, his eyes examine every heart.”  Do you know that the actual Hebrew word for eyes is eyelids?  Some believe the eyelid symbolizes the lid of the ark of covenant, called the mercy seat.  The Lord examines every heart with an eye of mercy.


Psalm 32, Forgiven.  A poem written by King David after he had an affair with the wife of his most loyal soldier, then had him killed to try to keep her pregnancy a secret.  Yet, God still calls David a man after his own heart.  Forgiven & forgotten.

Today and always, may our wrap-around God surround you in favor and cover you under His canopy of kindness & joy.

Love & Peace.