Husband on a mission—tightening the hinges on every door throughout our house.  I have no idea why.  Yet, after 30 plus years of marriage, I do know my husband.  He does nothing without good reason, and whether I understand or even agree, I listen with my spirit because God uses him, and I know it.

So I ask, “What’s going on?”

The question catches him off guard.  He stops.  He thinks for a moment.  Flash of Holy Spirit inspiration…, “Batten down the hatches”.

Yikes, not sure I like the sound of that.  “Batten down the hatches”—a nautical term that generally means “to prepare for stormy weather”.

Volcanic adrenaline-filled thoughts erupt in my mind.  Stormy weather coming.  Hang on tight; here we go.

But then he proceeds to tell me something he learned while sailing the New England coast as a boy.  The command to “batten down the hatches” is not just given at the approach of stormy weather but also when the captain decides to pick up speed and sail faster.  And, as a young boy, sailing fast is pure joy!

So, whether we are preparing for stormy weather, or preparing for a spiritual season of acceleration when God moves things to us and through us at an increasing rate of speed, or maybe even both, I’m not sure.  But of this I am sure.  God is good—period.  Therefore, something good is about to happen.  He is the good captain of our ship.  He is in control of our lives.  And we give thanks for it.

2 thoughts on “Sailing on Through

  1. Love this! What a unique perspective : ) How I pray for that “spiritual season of acceleration”. Beautifully written. Thank you for this!

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