Once again I’ve stumbled upon a word that I unabashedly embrace:  the Danish word, Hygge.  Although a bit difficult to translate to English, hygge (pronounced hue-guh) can be defined as “a state of peace, coziness, calm and personal wholeness”.

I imagine hygge to be a Winter word, or perhaps more of a Winter concept; as for me, hygge and a cold Winter’s day go hand in hand (a very hygge description, by the way, for who doesn’t love the coziness of walking hand in hand with another).

Binge watching Hallmark channel Christmas movies in front of a wood-burning fireplace, drinking yet another “cuppa tea” on a snowy day is definitely hygge.  Burning candles, sugar cookies baking, knitted wool socks, soft cashmere throws, old sweat pants and oversized sweaters are all ever so hygge.  Hanging out with good people, sharing a meal together and laughing until it hurts—that’s hygge, too.

So this Winter I’ve made a decision to cozy up to a more peaceful, calm self.  To channel my inner Dane and embrace hygge.  To focus on the simple pleasures of life with an attitude of gratitude.  It’s simple, really—simple yet profound.  I like the sound of that.  Very hygge. 

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