Jesus, the profoundly gifted storyteller.  He rarely told stories about God directly.  He often taught through parables.  I appreciate that aspect of his nature.  He knew how to capture the imagination.  He used creative ways to challenge, and even provoke, his listeners.

I believe that the Spirit of God still speaks through parables today.  And as a first century of the 3rd millennium, non-parable reading people, it may take some imagination, and it may take some work, but that’s what makes parables so beautiful.   We are invited into the story to take a lead part, if we so choose.  And in God’s wisdom, he leaves the moral of the story to each to determine for him or herself.

Do you have a story that challenged your way of thinking about something?  My writing often reflects those stories.  My story becomes His story, and I am transformed by the power of story.


4 thoughts on “The Power of Story

  1. Indeed, His parables are such a profound way of delivering truths that would otherwise come across as dry. And yes, we do need to understand the era for which those parables were written to truly grasp the deeper meanings. Sometimes it’s better to bring the truth to the reader in a roundabout way, such as through a parable or poem or short story, rather than to be too direct. I’m sure I’ve read fictional stories that have touched or challenged something in me. I need to be sure that when I do, I seek God for wisdom how to proceed.

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