This season of breakthrough is a season of grace—the greater grace of greater love when one willingly lays down his life (his opinions, his reputation, and yes, even his personal rights) for another.

Yet, you must first have a life before you can lay it down; you must first have an ego—a sense of personal identity—before you can let go of it.   God never meant for you to be a carbon copy of someone else, but to be the original, one-of-a-kind, best version of you that He spoke into being out of a heart of love.

So, being true to yourself and to God’s original plan for your life opens the way for the God-designed freedom to choose to lay down your life—or not.  When you make the choice to lay down your life for another, you will experience breakthrough into the realm of the greater grace of greater love. 

You will find that the greater grace of greater love becomes your greatest weapon against the greatest evil that comes to steal, kill and destroy your dreams, your relationships, your life.

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