I’ve heard it said that hard questions can drive us hard to distractions.  Yet, if I’m really honest, some of my greatest distractions in life have become my greatest teachers.  God’s grace really does work every detail of our lives of love for God into something good.  

I want to extend this same grace to others—to love them right where they are, trusting God to work out the details as they search out the answers to the hard questions of life.  The path they are taking may look like a distraction to me, but just maybe it is their “road less traveled” that provides the teachable moment that makes all the difference.

One thought on “All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost

  1. What an on time word for me! The road less traveled may feel lonely since you can be set apart for what the Lord has chosen you to do for such a time as this! Many are called (notice the word does not mention everyone), but FEW are chosen – simply because they are the ones that respond. If you are one of the few, there may not be others to coaches you through, hence, distractions. Distractions tend to be due to idleness or lack of understanding; however, the Lord will use everything for His glory and our good. Its never time wasted since He stays with us and ensures we “get it”. Staying focused gets us to our “there” quicker- the choice is ours to make. Choose wisely.

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