When faced with the proverbial “fork in the road”, keep moving to keep faith from atrophying.  Even if later you realize the wrong path was chosen, better to back track than to be frozen in your tracks for fear of making a mistake.  Just keep moving, stay humble, and your faith will see you through.


One thought on “Enjoy the Journey

  1. When we get off track or miss the mark, the Lord graciously allows u turns and/or will help guide us to get back on our path. However, we must be warey to not stay stuck in any particular lane. Even when it’s not familiar or comfortable, we MUST keep going. Faith means trusting God even when we cannot see, feel, smell, taste or understand what lies ahead – therefore, we cannot grow complacent or allow grass to grow beneath us. Inertia is NOT an option. Faith equals movement, plain and simple.


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