As parents, our job is to shepherd our sons and daughters on the path of life, prodding them forward with biblical truth, yet giving them the grace … dare I say it … yes, to fail.

Instead of learning to manage sin in the context of a religious structure, our children learn to manage their freedom wherever they are—wherever they go.  It can get messy, and it can make us look bad, but this is the pathway that leads to God’s saving grace through faith in His son, Jesus Christ.

In the words of the Prophet, “… a little child shall lead them.”  The word “lead” comes from a Hebrew word meaning “panting induced by effort”.

It takes child-like faith to lead by love instead of managing behavior. Allow those you are influencing to watch you–a soul longing after God.   And when they do, they will be inspired to follow your lead–right into the arms of a loving Father, who is gracious and compassionate; slow to anger and rich in love.

Albert Einstein said, “Love is a better teacher than duty.”  I agree.  The love of God is the greatest of all life coaches.

CC0 Image: Hiker By Mountain Lake ID: 82955348 © Creativecommonsstockphotos | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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