“She considers a field and buys it”—weeks go by, it won’t leave me.  Go deeper, He smiles.

Buys, in Hebrew, it literally means “to take”; considers, it connotes to devise, purpose, resolve and plot; used here, a good wife is clever to plan what is best for her family; she takes the field—seeing it through to harvest time.

Has God placed before you a field to consider?  A creative thought, an idea, a plan?  A field that can produce a harvest: a planted vineyard that yields fruit for your household, those placed at your table—those you get to love?

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.  Consider the field before you.  Consider heaven’s eternal purpose in your present season moment.  Then take it—it’s yours, clever you.  The fruit of your hands, that is.  And smile, knowing all is well.

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